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Our Story

Hannah's Arms was founded by two mothers, Esmé Chesworth and Sonja de Necker in 2011. They decided to join forces in working towards serving babies born into crisis, with the focus being on the baby and his/her immediate physiological and emotional needs.

We believe that abandoned, neglected and abused babies need to be nurtured within an intimate family group with parents and even siblings. We know that by taking these little ones into our homes, we are able to love and care for them as if they were our own until they are placed in foster families or returned back to their biological families.

Our Mission

Hannah’s Arms is an organisation which rescues abandoned, neglected and abused babies and toddlers, ages 0-3 years. Our aim is to be the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves and to seek the best care for each child going forward - which we believe is within a family.

Our Vision

Our main focus is to ensure that vulnerable babies and toddlers in need of care are provided with a place of safety in a private home environment where their physical, medical, social, emotional and psychological needs can be met in the transition period before being returned to their biological parents, extended family or placed in a foster family.

Our Team

Hannah's Arms in currently governed by a dedicated committee who work together to ensure that our organisation has the necessary funding and support in order for each of these babies in crisis to have their needs met.

How Can You Help?

Hannah’s Arms is a non-profit organisation, solely funded by the generosity of local businesses and individuals. Apart from food and clothing donations which are used to care for our babies in crisis, we also have a need for financial sponsorships to fund our medical staff and social worker.

  • Infacare Formula 1,2 & 3
  • Disposable Nappies
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing
  • Baby Equipment
  • Host A Fundraising Event
  • Personal Or Business Sponsorships
  • Donate Your Skill
  • Medical Equipment
  • Fund A Social Worker

What We Do

Although every baby at Hannah’s Arms starts off as a sad story, they all have a happy ending. Whether the baby stays or moves on, we know that for the rest of their lives they will be truly loved. We would love to assist you in the process of becoming a Temporary Safe Care Parent or a Foster Parent.

Temporary Safe Care

These are parents who take care of a baby in crisis for a temporary period of time (anywhere from 3-90 days). The baby is placed within one of our loving families while a social worker investigates and works on a plan to either rehabilitate the parents or reintegrate the baby into the extended family or a foster family.

Cluster Foster Home

Our foster home currently takes care of 7 children. These children are just some of the 32 babies which have been cared for by our loving cluster foster home parents. With only one salary and a small government grant, this home relies solely on financial donations towards rent, electricity, food and school fees.

Baby Safes

These are secure boxes where babies can be placed safely, rather than discarded. Once the baby is inside, a signal is sent to a corresponding cellphone. The baby will then be kept safe until a Hannah’s Arms representative collects the baby. We are in need of sponsors to purchase more baby safes to install in areas such as Dora Ngiza Hospital, Walmer Township and the Northern Suburbs, as well as volunteers who will allow us to mount these safes on their boundary walls.

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33 Emerald Street, Mount Pleasant
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All of our babies are currently placed in families, but we'd love to meet and chat about our organisation.